Estate information rent/sell/Mushanavi

Niseko-cho Soga house3 No1540:物件写真
Niseko-cho Soga house3 No1540 details
Price: 25,000,000, Building age: 1993.12, over 4LDK, Type: Residence
Floor area: 98.62m2 / Land size: 298m2
Kucyan 2Bed room  No1490:物件写真
Kucyan 2Bed room No1490 details
Price: 3,850,000, Building age: 1967.11, 2LDK, Type: Residence
Floor area: 53.05m2 / Land size: 178.2m2
Niseko soga 181tubo  No1539:物件写真
Niseko soga 181tubo No1539 details
Price: 6,000,000, , ,
Floor area: m2 / Land size: 601m2
Aza Soga, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido,Hokkaido
Yunosato house2 NO1537:物件写真
Yunosato house2 NO1537 details
Price: 18,000,000, Building age: 1996.2, 1LDK, Type: Residence
Floor area: 122.55m2 / Land size: 354m2
Route 5 298tubo No1536:物件写真
Route 5 298tubo No1536 details
Price: 20,000,000, , ,
Floor area: m2 / Land size: 985m2
Kondo House No1517:物件写真
Kondo House No1517 details
Price: 9,000,000, Building age: 1996.9, 1DK, Type: Residence
Floor area: 41.87m2 / Land size: 330m2
Aza Kondo, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido,Hokkaido
Cozy small house with loft
Yunosato Blue House No1533:物件写真
Yunosato Blue House No1533 details
Price: 10,500,000, Building age: 1978.11, 2LDK, Type: Residence
Floor area: 65.61m2 / Land size: 376m2
Aza Yunosato, Rankoshi-cho, Isoya-gun,Hokkaido
2 bed room house located in well maintained villa
Kabayama Powder No1529:物件写真
Kabayama Powder No1529 details
Price: 40,000,000, Building age: 2009.11, 2LDK, Type: Residence
Floor area: 66.92m2 / Land size: 264m2
Aza Kabayama, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun,Hokkaido
Well located cottage in Kabayama (5-min drive to Hirafu)
Niseko river side land 1629Tubo No1525:物件写真
Niseko river side land 1629Tubo No1525 details
Price: 16,500,000, , ,
Floor area: m2 / Land size: 5386m2
Date-city ootaki  Shop No1510:物件写真
Date-city ootaki Shop No1510 details
Price: 16,000,000, Building age: 1992.7, , Type: Shop
Floor area: 272m2 / Land size: 1354m2
Niseko Satomi 600tubo No1508:物件写真
Niseko Satomi 600tubo No1508 details
Price: 24,000,000, , ,
Floor area: m2 / Land size: 1979m2